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Tag: nature

  • A gift of Nature

    Hope you can be receptive in nature. Hope you realize Nature’s sound doesn’t use alphabets, yet it explains a lot.Hope you deeply comprehend besides what is said.Hope you grasp the frequencies and let those frequencies to be imprinted in you.Hope you can summon those vibrations back in the time you needed. Hope you truly know and never […]

  • Seek by iNaturalist

    What a wonderful application to explore Earth’s biodiversity. I think every nature-lover will appreciate it. “learn more at bit.ly/2FQvIe4, & download free from your iOS or Android app store.”

  • Day Trip

    Birds flying highYou know how I feelSun in the skyYou know how I feelBreeze driftin’ on byYou know how I feel…

  • Climbing a mountain

    I will attempt to climb a mountain  this weekend!!!  Whether I can do this or not, trying to climb this mountain gives me a great excitement!  I know that even daily hiking or only one night staying under the stars 🌌will mean a lot to me and change my mood even the days after. They are great short-cut […]

  • Luxury of Contemporariness

    One day, you’re waking up to thousand detailed nature😍🌳🌼🌻🌺🌲🌾, sipping your tea ☕️next to warbling stream with serenades of birds. Maybe, you are on top a rock, maybe your scenery has a big mountain🗻 or just vast soil only carry trees🌲, flowers 🌹and animals🐐. Next day, you are on top of the skyscraper😍🌆. There are […]

  • Nature love 💖

    🌲Vue reconfortable 💫 heartwarming view 🌲

  • Nature love 💗

    Today, I have climbed this rock 💝

  • Nature Love 💖

    It’ a beautiful spot to get a picture within a yoga asana. By the way, trekking poles are good to improve your balance, and stability not only in the rough terrain. Consider to have one 😙