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Tag: peace

  • Nature Love 💖

    May nourishment of the earth be with you, may they help you shine bright and travel light. May your light be your weapon and most of all may the peace is your goal.

  • Rivers speak in unknown language for most of us.

      Rivers speak in unknown language for most of us. If we intent to listen and understand, our hearts are able to hear the unknown language of rivers.

  • Zen Stories

    The Difference Between Pain and Suffering There is a Buddhist teaching that says that when you get hurt, say, by an arrow, that is pain. The arrow hitting your arm, it hurts. Pain. However, there is a second arrow, which is your reaction to the arrow, the getting angry, the planning revenge, that is beyond […]

  • New Moon

    Hail Selene; Holy luna, Honoured queen of the night, Light upon my path and glow it bright. May I/you feel your light in the lovely October night, when the new moon and the beginnings are in sight, may my path be revealed and show me what is right, may I/you be blessed with your peace […]

  • Lovely gong bath from dearest Deniz and the part of the prayer we sing

    I offer you peace, I offer you friendship, I offer you love All wisdom flows…from the highest source, I honor that source in you. Let us work together, we are one 💖

  • Happy moments

    Thousand fish, and I cheer with flip flops

  • Happy Full Moon Everyone!

    Happy Full Moon Everyone!

  • Good morning!

    Today; May your ears hear nice words and melodies, may your eyes see beauties in every corner, may you smell delicius foods, and may your heart be in peace deeply so your bodies reflect the joy of the universe.