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Tag: space

  • Sweet sensation of summer

    Tactile delight of cold water feeling the breath fully and, consciously Sipping a good coffee from the preferred cup and having its rush into the blood, Turning on the music, hearing the notes and feeling their vibration into the brain, Watching the movement of trees knowing the winds, Smelling the blossoms of the flowers, and…

  • Why Media Archeology matters?

    “Things matter in terms of their politics and how they participate in the construction of our world.” (Parrika, Jussi. What is Media Archeology. Polity Press, 2012.) Media devices are a proof of the concept of a discrete spatiotemporal dimension which has shaken the claim that man cannot be in two different places at the same…

  • Carnival

    The sensitive ear will always catch even the most distant echoes of a carnival sense of the world. – Michail Bakhtin (1984:107)

  • Re//Curating the Culture in Digital Environment

    Creation is all about mediators. Without them, nothing happens. —Gilles Deleuze   The Culture of Curating and the Curating of Culture(s) By Paul O’Neill

  • Spatiality

      Spatiality of the Digital Environment For the first time, space becomes media type. (Manovich, 2001) Much like the other types of media such as text, audio, video and stills space has become media type. While  linear media such as books and films can depict space,only digital environments can present space that we can move through.…