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Whisper from the cup of tea…


Every cup of tea has its words if we can listen carefully…

This cup based on sage plant and sage says “I grounds the times of change, confusion, or uncertainty. I am a master of introspection. I offer cleansing and protection. Drink me; I will purify you, my name is sage I will supply you knowledge”.

This cup also supplies roses and rose says to me “I’m rose. I can give you the sprit of love. Drink me, and I will give you beauty since you are the most beautiful when you love yourself.”

This cup provides daisy or with another name chamomile. And daisy says “My name come from day’s eye. I’m the herb of sun and, I’m bright like the sun. I can heal, purify, regenerate and protect. Drink me, and I will make your heart comfort, so your wishes may come true”

As I’m sipping on this tea, may I connect with their conscious, intelligent, spirits,

As I’m delighted with their energies, may I fully grasp their offerings…