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  • Culture and Digital

    Digital applications convert the very habitual traditions of the cultures. For example, coffee fortune telling. This traditional behaviour of the Turkish people goes online on these days. People with smart phones are taking the pictures of their cups and send them to the virtual character who analyses the coffee cups and send them the analysis […]

  • Collective Memory

    By providing symbols, rituals, and representations, expressions, emotions, relations, media compose shared memories of modern people. Collective memory mostly consists of publicly available social events that are circulating in the media environments.

  • Computing without Computers

    Because computers are sensory deprived and physically limited there is new search to present computing without computers. Integrating the nanotechnology into the other tools and the environments is a popular trend of the day. Technology transforms the unintelligent, static objects to mobile, intelligent, active forms. These artefacts are designed to record, categorise, and serve as […]

  • Contemporary Media Studies

    Contemporary media can be used interchangeably in various context with different authors.  What this research mostly referring to  Lev Manovich who describes the technology as an inseparable component of the digital media and work on the data mining in digital environments, Andreas Treske who presents video, as an immersive atmosphere, which resists the narrative dictatorship […]

  • Imagination

    Imagination is like going down the rabbit hole. By the origin of the word it is picturing, imaging oneself. It’s a great ability of the human that can connect the different points and creates new ideas, images, concepts of external objects not present to the senses. Contemporary area, which is governed by scientific taste, creates […]

  • Artificial Satellites

    They are the nexus of many tasks. Weather prediction, navigation, broadcasting. The first satellite in space was Sputnik 1 which means as a word fellow traveller was send in 1950 by Russians. After 7 years, the first biological spacecraft that called Sputnik 2 was sent by carrying a terrier female dog. By the following year, […]

  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee

    He regarded as inventor of the World Wide Web in 1989 while he was working in the Cern. There are three the key innovations that formed the Web;  HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol); allows you to click on a link and be brought to that document or Web page,  URLs (universal resource locators, which Tim originally referred to […]

  • Computer Vision

    Machine perception has always played a central role in AI. The most commonly studied perception modalities are Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, each of which is included an extensive research and communities. In terms of computer vision, progress in the computer science allows machines to have sight. The difference is much like the difference […]

  • Velocity

    Speed used to be measured by miles or kilometers per hour, at least by the common people. In contemporary existence, bauds or bytes per second takes their place in order to tell about the measurement of speed.

  • Analog to Digital

    “Signal” is a varying wave over time. The waves travel through the air, ultimately pushing on the sensors recreate the signal. The signal goes from one medium to the next, keeping its basic curvy shape. When the signal digitalised it is easy the manipulate it.