Day: September 11, 2016


Telepresence is a real time experience that stamps out the distance. What is called telepresence is a combination of  dialogic experience of telephony and the unidirectional reception of television messages. It is an individualised bi-directional experience.

According to the William A. Shay Telepresence is a concept of projecting one’s senses to the remote location. The basic idea is that through an internet connection, an individual would control robotic devices at a remote side. (Understanding Data Communication and Networks)


Synthetic Reality

Virtual reality combines the ideas of tangible corporeality  and intangible representation. By synthetic reality the intangible representation also becomes kind of sensible.


According to Flow theory, to be able to in the flow state that characterised by a distorted perception of time and host pleasurable sensations, the challenge you undertake should be almost equal to the current level of ability.