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This page includes my trips to the nature; to the Natureland. So I call it; Bertha Bert in Natureland.  My journey mostly take place in Anatolia. You can find original photos taken by me, unique voice by my style, well known discourses from well known writers or artist, quotations, and short stories about nature. It’s an appreciation for trees, birds, flowers and all the dearest things. It is for sharing the pleasure of joy comes from love and beauty.

Phrygian Road – Frig Yolu

☆ P H R Y G I A N R O A D • 2 0 1 8 ☆

How wonderful to walk step by step on the history and appreciate it. This road convey 8th century BC to today. According to historians the ruins of Gordion and Midas City prove that Phrygia had developed an advanced Bronze age culture.

Homer has a reference of Phrygians  in his book Illiad.

The Phrygian Way was an ancient name for Anatolia covering the present day provinces of Afyonkarahisar, Ankara, Eskişehir and Kütahya. Today, with The 506 km standard white red signed route, trekkers 👣 and cyclers  🚲 can enjoy with the traces of Phrygian civilisation and the natural beauties of the Phrygian valleys.

If you are 1⃣ of the many ancient history lovers 🎯, you will enjoy your time to experience beauty. 

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