Category: ☉Bertha Bert in Natureland

This page includes my trips to the nature; to the Natureland. So I call it; Bertha Bert in Natureland.  My journey mostly take place in Anatolia. You can find original photos taken by me, unique voice by my style, well known discourses from well known writers or artist, quotations, and short stories about nature. It’s an appreciation for trees, birds, flowers and all the dearest things. It is for sharing the pleasure of joy comes from love and beauty.

A gift of Nature

Hope you can be receptive in nature. 
Hope you realize Nature’s sound doesn’t use alphabets, yet it explains a lot.
Hope you deeply comprehend besides what is said.
Hope you grasp the frequencies and let those frequencies to be imprinted in you.
Hope you can summon those vibrations back in the time you needed. 
Hope you truly know and never forget you have a great gift to the ability to recall.
Hope you appreciate your gifts and live joyfully.