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Project Night Walk

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Project Nightwalk represents Marseille Cours Julien as a hybrid form of a map, video game and museum. The project is produced by guide Julie de Mur, who is also a creator of the audio city tours Poromenades Sonores, and narrator Christophe Perruchi, a French production designer. What is done with project night walk by using some elements of narration, imitating the real tourist experience. Project, which is augmented by Google Knowledge Graph to add contextual data to the places, gives users diverse culture of Marseilles. Indeed, through its innovative use of new aesthetic techniques, made possible by the digitalisation of the text, Project Nightwalk gives its viewers a new kind of experience of Marseilles, one impossible to any other form of media.

Project Night Walk  immerses us to the physical distance urban area from our personal and actual places in immediacy.

It is a touristic tour of a distinct area of the city.The project provides us aesthetic codes of Cours Julien neighbourhood that are representation of cultural rhetorics which is a language of expression embodying and propagating particular values and beliefs. The project uses several various technics to create immersive experiences. It operates in the immersive fallacy, which is the idea that the pleasure of a media experience lies in its ability to sensually transport the participant into an illusory, simulated reality.

All forms of entertainment create this effects to be successful according to Laramie, who is a game designer and producer. According to immersive fallacy, the project is successful when ideally the frame falls away so that the user truly believes that he or she is part of a distance community of urban place for a while. They aim to create a similar experience with the real experience. What is essential there is a bunch of algorithms.  Google as a supplier of infrastructure of the project continuously rolls out algorithmic updates that makes the new opportunities possible for the its users. The image of city streets are given as a face of web of data with the infrastructure of Google in this example.

In the case of night walk, design like a digital game as well a touristic tour.