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Documentarist’s field is reality and the outside world. All kind of social contexts,and their relations might be the increments of the documentary maker. Yet, many documentary examples and documentarists are outside the boundaries of the big fiction system and outside the major film studios.

Documentarist deal with the questions like how can one organize the material within which topic or more border themes? How can one deal with the mixture of facts, dramatic power and emotionality? How the coherency achieved by which methods?

Beside these types of questions, contemporary documentarists need to be adaptive to the existence and upcoming technologies that create its own social construction and  aesthetic concerns. By experiencing with the new tool kits documentary designer has to be aware of various types of languages such as graphics, computation, animation, sound, film and dialogs.

As Seth Keen puts into the words in his PhD thesis;

“Documentary practitioners require a new set of skills and knowledge to work online if they wish to practice within the dynamic and technology-driven domains of the Internet. In linear documentary making, shots are recorded then combined together on a timeline on a linear sheme.  The exported documentary is one video file made up of quite a few shots. In contrast, interactive documentaries are designed to present video in separate files.”

According to the section he called as “Documentary Designer Manifesto” there are severals points that every maker has to check. These are;

  1. The documentary designer designs and produces interactive media across a range of digital platforms.
  2. They develop skills and knowledge that can be applied to a variety of contexts.
  3. They design tools and make content for ‘lean forward’ users.
  4. They give up authorial control and work as a co-creator.
  5. They have strategies in place to work with the ephemeral state of what is designed and produced.
  6. They understand that tools are not permanent and fixed, they are a means to an end that constantly change and are quickly superseded.
  1. They accept that technologies and ways of doing things may not be available, they will have to be created, and developing what is required involves being open to working with software, hardware and practices from other fields.
  2. The documentary designer has some knowledge of code to work with interaction designers and programmers.

    Netvideo, Nonvideo, Newvideo 239-240 Seth Keen

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