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Water Hike

Bertha Bert in Natureland

Joyful heart in limpid water 
Oh, the sound of this brilliant water is amazing
Water Walk/hike is very fun as I expected. I have only got a few little scars.
I couldn’t take many photos. This one comes from the calmest part of the path.
Wonderful place to practice my balance pose 
It has been a bright day 
Wishing you a wonderful weekend 

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  1. wordsofntemid – Kampala, Uganda – Am a Ugandan, who adores laughing so much but at the same time, is very serious with every issue that crosses his path. Most of all, he upholds food as a very important aspect of his life. And adores helping out other people get wherever they want to get!

    Oohhhh….awesome Bella. Thanks for sharing.

    Much love!

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