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During the Global Pandemic

28 days have passed since I started not stepping out of the house. Neither market shopping nor any other reason… I have not even seen the door of the apartment, any friends.

Like all of you, I feel sorry for the news I receive, worry and have strange dreams. Even those who know me closely can estimate their size. Of course, mine is an easy process comparing with staying in the hospital, to experience the pain of your loved one, or to be forced out. For this reason, and with this awareness, I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to y staying healthy and peaceful and even joyful from time to time. To all my talents, everyone who helped me gain my talents, My memories, to my imagination, to the digital world and its creators, to our company, which can show the flexibility of working from home, organizations that enable us to reach our food and beverage orders without any problems, To all the health and safety officers that I know are ready to face dozens of problems that may arise, to the workers who saved the cities from the garbage raid, those who have the patience to stay in their homes and who can get a choice of infectious reduction in this way, Those who show the courage to be side by side on social media, Thank God for those who can share their positive energies. Oh, let’s not forget the mother I shared the same house with, the birds chirping and the cat that warms our hearts when we see us sleeping in the flowerpot with all their sweetness. I wish peace and joy never leave their pursuit.

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